Spray effortlessly at any angle until the last drop.

PIVOT™ is the first ever spray tool that harnesses powerful patented pivoting technology to simplify your spraying needs.

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An enhanced user experience from start to finish.

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    Pivoting Trigger Head

    The patented pivoting trigger head allows the bottle to remain vertical, preventing air from entering the supply tube. Easily spray uninterrupted without wasting both chemicals and time priming the pump. Neat, huh?

  • Ergonomic Design

    The pivoting trigger head automatically re-adjusts the bottle's weight below your hand to minimize the strain and fatigue plaguing your forearm when spraying. The grip is molded for a comfortable fit while spraying at any angle.

  • Compact Size

    PIVOT™ is roughly 40% lower in height than most spray bottles, so it's easier to store & less prone to tipping over and spilling.

  • Premier Child Safety Lock

    The lockable spray head helps to prevent curious children from engaging the trigger & being exposed to dangerous chemicals.

  • High Output Sprayer

    PIVOT™ might be short - but it still holds 32oz of fluid and packs a punch; blasting 3ml with each stroke.

  • Chemical Resistant

    PIVOT™ is one tough sprayer that manhandles the harshest chemicals and solvents.

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A revolution in the cleaning industry.

Problem: The Spray Bottle

Most spray bottles need endless priming of the pump just to work right. If you tilt your typical spray bottle up or down, it gets clogged with air bubbles. This means you have to kill your forearm priming the pump a few thousand times, just to clear the bubbles and spew chemicals all over the place. Spraying liquid out of a bottle isn’t exactly rocket science; yet somehow there are no tools out there that can spray properly the entire time you use them.

Solution: Enter PIVOT™

PIVOT™ was forged out of a dire need for a robust, reliable spray tool that can easily be used around the house or on the job. Its self-adjusting handle pivots freely, keeping the bottle upright and the supply tube in contact with the fluid at all times so air bubbles won't clog the sprayer. Simple, yet profoundly effective. Throwing out half-full bottles is now a thing of the past.

The future of cleaning tools.

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Once we release PIVOT™ & subsequently revolutionize the spray bottle industry'll be able to grab it online or at a retail store near you for just a few bucks.

If you are pumped about PIVOT™ and want to be part of the coming spray bottle revolution, inquire to become a wholesale distribution partner.

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